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 Preparedness Training

Biological Effects of Radiation

Target Audience: Versions for EMS, Fire

Topics: Radiation Terminology, Radiation Rules, Sources, and Monitoring, Types of Rad Injuries, Biological Effects and Factors, Detection and Decontamination

 Synopsis: Dealing with radiological events is difficult for any emergency responder or hospital emergency staff. Simply understanding the terminology can be nerve-racking, not to mention understanding the effects of radiation on the body and how to treat exposed/contaminated victims.

Biologic Effects of Radiation will cover the fundamentals you need to know have to understand the pathology of local radiation injury and acute radiation sickness. We’ll cover detection and monitoring, decontamination and PPE, as well as triage issues. And, of course, the jargon and terms you’ll need to know to unravel the mystery of radiation exposure. You’ll walk away feeling more confident and prepared!

In this program you’ll learn what you need to know to understand the threat potential of these events and to keep yourself and others safe!

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Consumer Level HazMat

Target Audience: Versions for EMS, Fire, Health Care

Topics: Homemade Chemical Bombs, Chemical Assisted Suicides, SHake ‘N Bake Meth Labs, Protective Equipment, Decontamination and Triage.

Synopsis: EMS personnel are facing a dangerous enemy...the ever-present and changing picture of hazardous materials. The traditional haz-mat situation is well defined, with responders playing a specific role. We’ve become accustomed to events at commercial and industrial facilities, now facing the fact that “average” people are using hazardous materials to create chemical bombs, manufacture methamphetamine and even commit suicide. These “consumer-level” hazardous materials event are occurring in parking lots, playgrounds, schools, and even automobiles. They often go unrecognized until its too late and are life threatening to EMS responders...all made with retail products off the shelves of every store.

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